We Care for Small Smiles

We know the health and happiness of your little ones is your top priority, and this aligns with our priority to create the most positive and rewarding dental experiences possible. Dr. Shull has worked with children extensively throughout his career and he is well-equipped to help your child understand what will be happening during their visit. It’s especially important for us to ease any tension young patients may feel, because frightening experiences with the dentist at a young age can keep them from seeking the care they need as adults. Our patient-centered practice is kid-friendly!

Healthy Habits Form Early

It’s important to start caring for your young one’s gums while they’re babies. Wiping the future sites of their baby (or deciduous) teeth with a warm, wet washcloth helps minimize bacteria and acidity. When those pearls show themselves, you’ll want to gently brush with a small, baby-sized toothbrush or finger brush with a tiny amount of toothpaste (the size of a grain of rice).

As soon as their teeth begin touching one another, you’ll want to floss between them. They will likely need your assistance with flossing and brushing until around the age of 6. You should continue to supervise their development of these routines until you are confident they’re being as thorough as you would. These habits are key to ensuring healthy, happy smiles.

Two Sets of Teeth, One Opportunity

At Bear Creek Family Dental, we want to empower patients of all ages to take their health into their own hands. Part of teaching good oral health practices includes busting the myth that baby teeth aren’t important to care for because they’re going to fall out and make way for permanent teeth anyway. This is a dangerous misconception, because tooth decay is not only physically painful — it can also negatively impact your child’s nutritional and emotional development, interfere with school performance, and lead to malocclusion when their adult teeth arrive. We’re here to help you avoid those obstacles.

First Visit to the Dentist

You should bring your bundle of joy in to see us at around one year of age. They may have several teeth by this time, or those baby teeth may still be hiding. Either way, a thorough examination at this stage will help us confirm they’re developing properly and catch potential problems in the earliest stages. This might sound all business with no room for fun, but we promise to make your young ones feel warm, welcome, and ready (or even excited) for future visits.